60 Second Slam

Young men and women play 60 second slam
A 60 second slam host plays the cup game

Race your way to victory

The 60 Second Slam is a great team-building activity for all kinds of events.

All you need is enough space for a few trestle tables and teams of 2-6 players. Compete in a variety of challenges as you race against the clock and each other. Get ready for some rapid-fire fun.

Portrait of Playful Man

How it works

Portrait of Proud Man

Race against your opposing team and the clock in a series of unusual, hilarious and surprisingly hard challenges.

You’ll be given familiar items to use in unfamiliar ways for sixty seconds of flat-out fun. We've got two different formats, one for smaller groups and one for a whole crowd to enjoy.

Young woman plays 60 second slam

Pick your playing format

For groups of 20 people or less:

$600+ GST

For groups between 20 and 40 people:

$900 + GST

Our two comedian MCs will rock up, set up and throw down some tunes on our top-notch sound system.

The package includes two hosts, bingo dabbers and cards for four games, a collapsible DJ desk, a PA system, lighting and decorations, equipment or mini games including headbands and pedometers, and $100 worth of prizes.

Four game tables:

$1200+ GST

Extra game table (includes an umpire)

$200 + GST

Slam tournaments are the Olympics of the 60 second slam. We'll prepare four game tables where guests team up in pairs and play as many games as possible within an hour.

After the time is up, the best four teams on each table will compete against each other for glory. This setup guarantees multiple winners and is ideal for large groups. Once the playoffs are done, the winning teams for each game will receive medals in a ceremony, to rival even the Greek Olympiads.

Let the festivities begin

Our umpires bring everything you need to have a great time. We’ll set up your tables, ensure everyone understands the rules and be on hand to issue a red card to anyone found cheating.

We’ll set up your games, run you through the rules and keep track of the times and the points to find the Slam Champ or Champions at the end of the games.

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