Amazing race

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See Welly a whole new way

Get to know Wellington and your teammates in one amazing challenge.

Explore hidden locations, complete crazy challenges and bond with your teammates as you go. The Amazing Race is a team-building activity that takes place within Wellington’s city centre. We'll provide everything you need to stretch your imagination and your legs!

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How it works

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Our host will arrive at your chosen location, teach your teams how to play, and hand over each team’s equipment bag. Teams of four to six people will have two hours to complete the challenges.

Teams complete a wild variety of physical and creative challenges and taking photos and videos as they go. As you play, the host marks the photos and videos that teams have sent through their tablets. Your host will allocate points and bonuses at the post-race debrief at a location of your choice.

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The package

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Our Amazing Race packages are priced based on the number of teams and locations visited, as well as any manned stops.

At a manned stop an event host will greet teams at a designated location and put their teamwork to the test. Take part in a more difficult puzzle, obstacle course, or coordination game for extra points. This activity is quoted per event. Quotes are based on total team numbers, activation costs and extras such as manned stops.

Let the festivities begin

We’ll supply the hosts and your equipment bags. Every Amazing Race finishes with a debriefing at a location of your choice.

The debriefing venue will require a screen for the final presentation. Please note: if you are holding this race further than 15 minutes from Courtenay Place, the host will need a Wi-Fi connection at your chosen debrief location.

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