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Think on YOur feet

Our Speed Quiz is perfect for corporate parties, fundraisers, and events! You’ll need smarts, speed and, most importantly, good teamwork to win the most points.

Sit back and relax while we organise everything from the venue to the activities and staff for you. Our events take the pressure off drinking and focus on engagement and inclusion – the perfect combination for a work party or private event. Check out some of the fun stuff we can organise for you.

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How it works

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Over seven rounds, teams will answer questions on topics covering science, movies, music, brain teasers and even the occasional trick question.

Get points for every correct answer and extra points for the fastest correct answer. There’s also a bonus game for the teams who fall behind! Got an idea for a round? Let us know and we’ll customise it to your favourite subject. Don your thinking caps, warm up those buzzer-bashing fingers and get ready to take on the Speed Quiz!

the Pricing

Our speed quiz package includes our host and seven rounds of quiz questions on tablets loaded and ready to go. For larger teams, players can also play on their smartphones. We can bring additional equipment such as projectors and PA system if your venue of choice doesn't have any. Let the battle of the brains begin.

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Speed Blast Quiz

from $750+GST

Additional custom quiz rounds


Projector for media display


PA System for music and quiz sounds


Let the festivities begin

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