Rock n bingo

Group of young men and women play poker
Group of people playing poker

Not your grannies bingo

Forget what you know about bingo; this is a high-energy event featuring lasers, rock songs, air guitar solos, and bogan humour. Dress up, bring your friends, and get ready to win.

Our package includes sound equipment and two hilarious comedian MCs. Let the rocking begin! Suitable for groups of 20 and above.

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How it works

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Rock'n Bingo can be played at events with 20 or more people at almost any location.

It’s like bingo but more boisterous and more bogan! Each number is linked to a classic rock song. For example, when number 45 is called, "Born in the USA" by Bruce Springsteen plays. Check off each number as you hear it called, dress up in your best bogan attire and get into the spirt with our comedic crew.

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The package

Rock’n Bingo Package

$1200+ GST

Our two comedian MCs will rock up, set up and throw down some tunes on our top-notch sound system.

The package includes two hosts, bingo dabbers and cards for four games, a collapsible DJ desk, a PA system, lighting and decorations, equipment or mini games including headbands and pedometers, and $100 worth of prizes.

Let the festivities begin

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