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Young people served shots while playing poker
Young people win poker jackpot

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Experience a night of high-stakes entertainment.

We offer classic tables like Blackjack and Roulette, along with premium tables for an authentic experience. Experience the thrill of Vegas with none of the risk. Choose from three options with varying levels of competition and great prizes up for grabs.

The package

During a tournament, players start with a container holding $5225 worth of casino chips.

Our croupiers will make sure all guests understand how to play and keep everyone entertained between dice rolls. The tables are open for just over two hours after which the dealers total each player's remaining chips. The six players with the highest winnings will head to the roulette wheel for a 6-spin playoff with fresh and equal punnets of chips.

Each table is set up with betting chips, which will stay at the table during free play.

This format is relaxed with no competition involved. Free play is a good way for people to socialise and learn various casino games. Players leave their winnings at the table and are not cashed in at the end.

This format works well for fundraisers and charity events.

It is similar to the tournament set up but without the roulette playoff. Your dealers will cash players up at the end of the night. Each player receives a "cheque" that they can use to bid in the auctions you have running on the night.

the Package

Our tables are supplied with all the equipment you need to play.

We also provide you with croupiers who make sure all players understand how to play each game so they can enjoy the event.

Packages are designed so everyone gets a good turn at the table.

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Beginners Luck


Suitable for up to 20 people with one package table

Little Reno


Suitable for 20 -30 people with two tables (either poker, roulette or blackjack)

Sunset Strip


Suitable for 30-40 people with a roulette, blackjack and grand hazard table

Vegas VIP


Suitable for 40-50 people with two blackjack tables, a roulette table and a grand hazard table. Get a 20% discount on this package if you choose it in conjunction with hiring The Pow Wow Room, our dedicated function room.

High Roller


Suitable for 50-60 people with two blackjack tables, a poker table, a roulette table and a grand hazard table

Casino Royal


Suitable for 60-80 people with two blackjack tables, two roulette tables, a poker table and a grand hazard table

Table Hire


Premium casino tables for Texas Hold'em or Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps or Baccarat

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